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Found an old study from 1990 from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This is a perception can be a competitor prepping for a contest where kcalories are controlled and restricted in a sense to induce lipolysis or change body fat composition. There was no difference in body fat mass loss between subjects who exercised at a high 80-90% peak VO2 and the other group who exercised at a lower intensity of 40-50% peak VO2.

Exercise intensity does not affect the composition of diet- and exercise-induced body mass loss

DL Ballor, JP McCarthy and EJ Wilterdink
Department of Physical Education and Dance, University of Wisconsin- Madison 53706.

The effect of caloric restriction (1200 kcal/d intake) in combination with high (High) (80-90% of peak VO2) or low (Low) (40-50% of peak VO2) exercise work rates on the composition of lost body mass was determined in 27 obese women (percent fat, 36.7 +/- 4.2%; mean +/- SD). All subjects trained 3 d/wk for 8 wk, with the High (n = 14) and Low (n = 13) groups exercising for 25 and 50 min/d, respectively. After posttesting there were no differences between the groups with respect to pre- to posttest changes (mean of combined groups) in body mass (- 7%), fat-free mass (-10%), fat mass (-16%), percent fat (-10%), and sum of five skinfold-thickness measurements (-16%). This study suggests that with regard to conservation of fat-free mass, the selection of an exercise intensity for a diet and exercise regimen may be left to the preference of the clinician and/or dieter.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol 51, 142-146, Copyright © 1990 by The American Society for Clinical Nutrition, Inc

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  1. huh that’s an interesting study, but the women in the test were just using cycles to exercise, so I don’t know what that tells you about weight training…

    • That is because most studies are done on bikes and treadmills in labs to measure intensity via VO2 Max. How does one accurately measure intensity of weight training? I suppose one could measure HR Max, but it only lasts for 15-20sec per bout. Do you take a muscle biopsy to measure muscle damage? Creatinine or creatine kinase may be a an ok measure.. but it doesnt measure intensity. This study was to study the relationship with intensity and body composition.

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